Keep Landscaping Tools, Machinery, And Inventory Organized And Protected Inside Of A Storage Unit

If you own a landscaping business and are temporarily keeping your tools, machinery, and inventory inside of a storage unit until you are ready to move your business into a larger facility, the following storage tips will help you keep your possessions organized and protected.

Hang Tools From Pallets

Lean a few pallets across one of the walls of the storage unit. Use a power drill to Install nails across the wooden beams on each pallet. Hang tools with handles from the nails. Write the name of each tool on a self-adhesive label. Place the labels over or under each tool.

If you need to use any of the tools before you move your business to its new location, scan through them quickly in order to find what is required. When you are ready to move your belongings into the new facility, lay the pallets across carts with wheels so that all of the tools can be moved at the same time.

Protect Machinery And Chemicals With Leak-Proof Covers

Place machinery and chemicals inside of carts with wheels. Place a leak-proof cover over each cart and secure a large label across the top of each one that lists the items that are underneath it. Leak-proof covers will protect items from moisture or sunlight when they need to be moved outdoors. The carts will make it convenient for you to move your equipment around while it is stored inside of the storage unit. If you need to find a particular item, you can simply roll carts out of the way until you reach the material that is needed.

Use Storage Shelves With Drawers For Small Items 

If you have a lot of inventory to store that is small, set up storage shelves that contain drawers inside of the unit. Sort the items by type and place them inside each of the compartments. If possible, alphabetize everything in order to make it easier for you to locate items that you need. Affix a label across the front of each drawer that lists the materials that are stored inside and the amount.

If you use some of the items prior to the move, keep track of what has been removed from each drawer and adjust the quantity. As a result, you can order new inventory if needed and will be aware of how many materials you have on hand when it is time to move to the new building. For more info about temporary storage solutions, contact local movers for recommendations.

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