3 Tips For Renting A Self Storage Unit

When you need to store some of your valuable belongings in a safe place for an indefinite amount of time, your best bet is to look into renting a self storage unit from a facility like AAA Flying Trolley Self Storage. You can rent one of these self storage units from a variety of companies and should take some key steps for finding the right one for you. With this in mind, read below and take advantage of these steps so that you find a self storage facility rental that is safe, cost effective, and useful to you. 

Make Sure That The Self Storage Unit Is Safe

The safety of the self storage unit should be one of your most premier prerequisites. If you're going to pay money for a self storage facility each and every month, you need to know that any items you store will remain safe and sound. Take a tour of the facility to make sure they keep everything clean and pristine and that these units do not have nesting pests. Get a clear idea of the security measures the self storage company takes, which may involve surveillance cameras, access codes, and on-site security. Further, run a crime report of the local neighborhood to be sure that the area is not prone to burglaries.

Select A Unit That Has Climate Control

Finding a self storage unit that has climate control can be one of the most important decisions that you make for your rental. This will keep moisture under control inside of your self storage facility, so that it does not begin breeding bacteria and mold. Mold and bacteria are both a health hazard and a potential damager of your belongings. Climate control will also prevent swelling and warping and can keep sensitive items, such as photos and documents, in excellent condition for a long time. 

Find A Self Storage Unit At The Right Cost

It is important that you also select a storage unit that does not cost you too much money. You can shop around with a lot of different companies in order to get the price that you can afford. A tiny 5 x 5 storage unit might cost you between $40 and $50 each month, while a much larger 20 x 20 unit will cost you more than $200 per month. Ask about any extra equipment or services as well, so that you have a total picture of how much you might pay. 

Follow these points in order to get the most out of your self storage rental. 

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