Tips For Protecting Your Back When Moving

Moving involves heavy boxes and large items of furniture. These things are all an injury risk to your back. You can take steps to protect your back while moving, and here are four that you need to follow.

Carry Out Back Stretches and Exercises

Strengthening your back will help to offer some support while carrying. Work on your core by doing plank exercises and push ups. Draw your stomach in and hold it there while walking and sitting.

These exercises won't prevent all issues and injuries, but they will offer a little extra protection. They will also help you in other parts of your life, like in reducing tension headaches by improving your posture.

Lift With Your Legs

Never bend at your back to lift boxes and items. You'll need to bend at your knees and lift them upwards that way. This puts the stress on your thighs, which are used to handling extra weight on a daily basis. When you bend at the back, you put excess strain on the lower section, which is one of the weakest sections of your body.

Once you've lifted with your legs, avoid arching your back to carry it. You're not carrying with your legs then. You've put the weight back onto your lower back. Not only do you run the risk of damage just from that, but you run the risk of falling backwards and bending the spine the wrong way.

Keep in mind, you should only lift with your legs when it's possible to straddle a load. Twisting to bend will mean twisting your back to lift.

Don't Lift Too Quickly

Give your body a chance to take the weight and spread it through itself. Slow movements will avoid any jerking, which leads to injury. Slow movements will also help to avoid accidental twisting, leading to other back injuries and strains.

When you go lift, make sure the item is as close to the body as possible. This helps to keep as much strain off the back as possible, since your arms and legs can take the weight.

Use Tools

Where possible invest in tools to carry large objects. Tools could be as simple as blankets to help carry and drag items along or belts that support the extra weight to protect your back. Tools make it easier to carry larger items that could lead to over-reaching and twisting, which are both bad for the back.

Reduce your risk of back injuries when moving. When lifting heavy boxes or objects, follow the above tips. For more information, contact local professionals like Wheaton World Wide Moving.

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