Four Tips for Those Who Are Moving and Have Mobility Issues

If you have a disability or mobility issues, this can make the already arduous task of moving harder to tackle. The good news is, there are strategies and assistance that can help make this process go more smoothly. Here are four tips for those with mobility issues who are gearing up for a move.

1. Hire Packers and Organizers

While you might be onboard to hire on professional movers, don't forget about the physical exertion that packing and unpacking takes as well. If you have a lot of items that need to be packed up in boxes or have hard-to-reach items, bring in packers to avoid overexerting yourself and possibly causing injury. If you need to purge items or organize quite a bit before packing, there are professionals that specialize in this area as well.

2. Plan Ahead and Give Yourself Time

The worst thing you can do when planning a move is wait until the last minute. This is even more true if you are facing physical limitations. If you are able to pack up smaller items and start prepping items to move around in your home, you won't have to rush yourself when it comes to the physical activity involved in moving. Start planning a month or two in advance and start cleaning and organizing well before your scheduled move date.

3. Downsize

If you haven't moved in years, you might be surprised how much stuff you have accumulated over the years. While you might be able to handle parts of your move yourself, if you are overloaded with clutter and unnecessary housewares, you might wear yourself out or even hurt yourself. Take some time to downsize and purge or donate things you don't need anymore so you aren't moving things you don't need with energy you don't have.

4. Don't Strain Yourself, and Do Ask for Help

It can be hard to ask for help if you are generally an independent person. If you have a physical ailment that has progressed over the years or just aren't as young as you used to be, you aren't proving anything by physically straining yourself and causing further injuries. Take your move slowly and know when to ask for help.

Moving into a new home can be a hard task for anyone, but if you have physical limitations, this can be even more stressful. Hiring on the right help, including movers, and taking your time can make the process more manageable. Knowing your own physical limitations is important. Moving is a task that should be take seriously, and your personal safety should be a priority. Click here for info on hiring movers.

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