Storing Photos? Remember These Do's And Don'ts To Ensure They're Safe

Pictures are moments caught in time; a physical representation of a memory, and, therefore, are some of the most treasured family heirlooms. For this reason, pictures tend to get passed down through the generations and throughout the years, you can easily accumulate hundreds, if not thousands, of these paper memories. In the event you have to place your family photos in storage temporarily, there is no doubt you will be a bit apprehensive about the idea. However, with a little instruction, your prized photographs will be perfectly safe in a self storage unit. Here are a few do's and don'ts to keep in mind. 

Do place your photos in envelopes before storage

It is a good idea to place your smaller photos in paper envelopes before you place them in storage because the envelopes will do a few things. One, the paper will act as a protective sleeve to prevent the pictures from getting damaged. Two, the envelopes will help ward off moisture. 

Don't leave your developed photos in retail envelope sleeves

The paper sleeves you receive when you get film developed or photos printed don't offer much protection and don;t seal off. Envelopes for photo storage should be those that have a glue seal so you can aptly protect your pictures. 

Do house your photos in plastic storage containers

Plastic storage containers are ideal in an array of storage situations, but especially where your photos are concerned. Opt for the versions that have a lock-tight lid so the pictures can be sealed away in a way that will ward off moisture, bugs and dust. 

Don't leave your pictures in frames

It may seem like leaving pictures in frames for storage will be a good idea, but this is actually a good way to see your pictures damaged. If the storage unit gets too hot or humid, the glass of the frame heats up tremendously, which can cause the front side of the photo to stuck to the glass. This means the picture will never be able to be removed and could potentially be discolored as well. 

Do consider a climate-controlled unit

If you want to ensure your pictures are as protected as possible, springing for a climate-controlled self storage unit is a good idea. Climate-controlled units give you the ability to control the heat and humidity within a unit, so you will not have to be as concerned about damages. 

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