Keeping Your Duds From Unnecessary Demise: Clothing Storage Tips

If you plan on storing clothing for an extended time period, it is a necessity to take proper precautions in their packaging so they do not become damaged. Clothing is prone to mildew, mold, and pest infestations when stored incorrectly. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your outfits are ready to slip on and show off as soon as they are retrieved from their storage location.

Clean And Dry Clothing Before Storing

It is important to take the time to launder each of the items you intend on storing before they are packaged. This will remove any possible insect larvae or eggs from the clothing so it is not trapped inside an enclosure along with your pieces. After washing your clothing, place it in a dryer and make sure it is completely dry before packaging so the chance of mold or mildew is minimized. Dry clean items if they are not safe for a washing machine.

Use The Right Enclosure To Minimize Damage Risk

Many people place their clothing inside plastic storage tubs when storing them for a while. This is a good method in keeping clothing contained, however, a ventilated box is best so moisture does not become trapped inside the container along with the pieces you are storing. It is best to use new boxes so the risk of rips in the material where humidity or pests can get inside, are not as likely.

Take Special Care Of More Expensive Items

While everyday outfits will fare well in boxes or bins, more expensive pieces should be hung up to eliminate the possibility of wrinkling in the material. Chiffon, wool, silk and other materials are delicate in nature, making them prone to possible hard-to-remove wrinkles if they are folded. To keep these items in the best of condition, purchase a garment box for each individual piece. These have an area on the end where the item can be placed on a hanger. The boxes can then be hung from a garment rack.

Keep Furs And Leathers Safe

Leather and fur items will need special care when storing. These items should be placed inside a ventilated container like a suitcase or wicker dresser drawer so they can be spread out instead of folded. Place a piece of acid-free paper on the bottom of the enclosure before placing the item inside. Another piece of paper should be placed over the item as well. Add a dissident to the container to help keep moisture from becoming a problem.

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