Why Should You Get Commercial Storage Before A Move?

There are many service providers that may be on your list before a commercial move, but storage may not be on the list yet. There are several benefits of hiring a commercial storage team; consider these ways in which storage could make your job easier during the move. 

Get Stuff Out of the Way

The most immediate benefit of hiring a commercial storage unit is that you can start getting stuff out of the office well in advance. This includes older files that you're holding on to, extra sets of office supplies, and extra chairs and furniture. This immediately will make your space look less overwhelming to employees who are helping with packing. 

Improve Productivity

With a lot of clutter out of the way, you can promote productivity. There are likely to be some boxes in the way and additional chaos in the office during this time. But if you have only the mess you need during the move, it can help your employees feel more comfortable and less claustrophobic. 

Lower Stress During Crunch Time

Getting some of your stuff moved to storage ahead of time will also help reduce your stress during those final days when everything still seems like a mess. You will only need to pack your essentials on those last few days, which is much more manageable for your employees. 

Less Stuff to Move on the Day Of

Another benefit is getting rid of a large moving job. If some of your stuff is already in your storage unit, it leaves less to do on your actual moving day. This can be critical for offices in building that have very strict moving schedules. Some buildings might restrict your use of curbside parking or freight elevators to a few hours, meaning that you'll have to be speedy getting out of the office.

Reduce Moving Expenses

Moving company costs are probably a large portion of your costs for a commercial move. If you are able to reduce the time spent, you can save significantly in terms of moving costs. This is a great thing to think of if you need to plan your move during the peak hours of the workweek or the most busy times of year for movers, when they might charge a surcharge for their time. 

Help Permanently Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Finally, your storage unit might help you to realize that you don't need so much stuff in the office; if no one ever complains that it's missing, simply leave it in the storage unit for a while until you feel comfortable getting rid of it. 

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